Hollywood and drugs

We see many movies and series created in Hollywood where people are destroyed by the excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol, but the truth is that the reality surpasses fiction. Each and every one of those people who embody these characters of which many times we empathize, in real life are common and ordinary human beings who are trapped in the dark clutches of addictions and because of their social status are issues that are handled in the shadows just so as not to tarnish the image of that famous in the eyes of their fans.

Today it is nothing new that many celebrities are a few addicts, because they themselves have publicly acknowledged that they are, many times choose to seek help, while at other times they don’t care about anything else in their lives, nor the one who will say and simply continue to consume all the drugs you will fit into their noses and veins.

The excessive traffic of drugs on the streets of Hollywood is truly alarming, in that city there is not a single human being who is not consuming or marketing various types of toxic substances and if the person is new in town and has never been in contact with the drugs, believe that sooner or later is going to fall into this absurd world of drug addiction, alcoholism and all kinds of excesses.

It is very sad to see many young people who come looking to fulfill their dreams of being a great actor and appear on the big screens of the cinema, and the innocent come to truncate their careers because someone introduced little by little in this dark side of Hollywood. Are rare and few people that do not fall into the vice and if you ever have fallen give thanks for having that feeling of strength of will to be able to get out of the deep abyss in which have fallen because of their weaknesses, bad friends, work mediocre. Etc.

Get a line of cocaine, get a gram of heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, marijuana, amphetamine, among other illegal and legal substances in the streets of Hollywood is something very simple since, in each corner, are sold as if you were buying bread at any bakery.

Worst of all is that young people are the most exposed to this terrible disease and many of the famous with consumer problems are many times to test.

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