Castor oil – Benefits & uses

Since ancient ages, the Egyptians are highly using the castor oil for different applications. It has been heard that Cleopatra, uses this oil to fix the wounds on her body and also to whiten the eyelids. Apart from that, this medicinal oil is also used to enhance the immune system of a body. It has got so many benefits that, it is considered as the most useful medicinal oil in today’s date.

Castor oil is extracted from the castor seed. The pale yellow liquid which is generated from the castor seeds is also termed as the best anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory oil. It is also used in the lamps & torches for lighting applications. To study the benefits in detail, below we have arranged and described some of the important benefits of this oil.

  • The perfect remedy for major illness –

The scientists have medically proved that the composition of castor oil greatly helps in curing various diseases. Illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy are greatly sorted with the proper usage of oil. The unsaturated fatty acids and the anti-inflammatory components help in reducing the symptoms of the diseases slowly and then thus efficiently resolve the effects of the illnesses.

  • Reduces hair loss –

Hair loss is the most common problem which is observed in the humans. Both males & females face this problem throughout their life period. But now with the use of castor seed oil, it is feasible to treat the hair loss effectively. As the oil is rich in omega fatty acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, it greatly revitalizes the scalp.

It also ensures the presence of ricinoleic acid, which promotes proper circulation in the scalp, and reduces the hair loss. The antioxidants in the oil enhance the shine & smoothness of keratin in the hair. This oil also thickens the hairs and restricts the comeback of dandruff.

  • Resolves issues of Rheumatism and Arthritis –

In these issues, the lining of the joints is highly affected, which leads to severe paining and swelling. Sometimes, the case goes worst and leads to joint deformity. The powerful antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of the oil enhance the immune power and help the joints to fight out the inflammation.

  • Cures sunburn and skin abrasions –

When there are any cuts on burns on the skin, there are high chances that infections may attack the wounds and cuts. To avoid such issues, the castor seed oil is highly recommended. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of oil restrict the contact of any infection with the skin. Again, the unsaturated fatty acids enhance the skin regeneration process quickly.

  • Reduces the gastrointestinal problems –

Constipation, anal fistula, perianal abscesses, external hemorrhoids, internal and external hemorrhoids are some common problems of gastrointestinal issues. With the consumption of castor oil, all these issues are greatly resolved. The oil enhances the circulation in the intestines and reduces the ailments in colon and rectum.

Apart from these benefits, Castor seed oil is used to the stye, menstrual disorders, and migraines.

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