Asian Eyelid Surgery – All you need to know about it

Plastic surgery is popular among all walks of life.

Gone are the times when it was relegated only to people who were amazingly wealthy or very vain. For many people it is not so much an issue of desiring to look better as it’s a desire to look less cultural. This is very true of a few people having an Asian heritage seeking to not westernize their look but rather simply to look more bright-eyed and also to have the ability to use cosmetics. For this people there’s a type of blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery , which can put a crease to the skin and create a less fatty overhanging look.

Problems with having Double Eyelid Folds

Frequently, Asian patients that have an upper eye that’s puffy or absent a crease dislike the look.  They often have a hard time using cosmetics that other folks do not have trouble implementing.  This is normally because of the overhanging fat or excess skin.  Consequently they seek to have eyelid operation to counteract this natural crease found in the majority of people.  Almost never is the desire to change the ethnicity.  In fact if that is the motivation for getting an operation care must be taken along with counseling sought as a way to clarify the main cause of the desire.

While the exact cause is the fact that the levator muscle of joins lower on the epidermis of Asian men.  This leads to the fat and skin to hang lower and triggers an absence or reduction in the overall look of the crease.  It is therefore often a straightforward matter of relocating this attachment point to be able to reform the look.  Another choice is to stop the fat from descending below the desired height of the fold.  There is an eyelid operation for each of these approaches.

Procedure of the Surgery

Without having an incision that a physician will occasionally suturing a fold to the lid using a non bio-absorbable material. This is a comparatively straightforward procedure but requires a precise positioning and a skill in creating a natural looking effect.

Another more invasive but also more natural look is to use small incision to perform eyelid surgery. This fat is removed from the incision site and the resulting emptiness is sealed off.

While both of these methods are rather effective usually a sort of hybrid procedure is advised.  This eyelid operation combines portions of each of the other processes. Here a part of the fatty tissue is removed but then a suture can be used to pin until the levator and generate a fold.

In either of the latter two choices care must be taken to not overly refine to the purpose of creating a western look. The look of white eyes is to be avoided and as such there’s often a need for numerous refinements of the initial operation in order to reach the desired effect.

Dr Rodger Davies was born and educated in Melbourne.  He graduated from the University of Melbourne.  His ophthalmic practice was in the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.  He also completed a fellowship in Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery in the Mt Sinai Medical Centre, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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